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Richard and Judy (in which i react to good news )

It’s just been announced that Jubilee is a Richard and Judy Book Club choice for Summer 2012. This is incredible / amazing / gobsmacking / brilliant / wonderful – delete as applicable. (No! Don’t delete anything! They’re all applicable!) These are the things I did when Orion’s Fiction head, Susan Lamb, rang to give me (read more)

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Book at Bedtime

I am utterly thrilled to announce that Jubilee has been chosen as a Book at Bedtime on Radio 4, airing from Monday, May 28th. For me this is a piece of particularly good news, because Radio 4 and I have a very close personal relationship; it’s been going on for years. Several places at my (read more)

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special agent

I met my literary agent Jo Unwin over coffee at the York Writing Festival in 2010 and I have to confess that, had I known who she was, I would never have dared to sit next to her. This isn’t because she’s not lovely (she is very lovely), but because back then, agents were a (read more)

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