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timey-wimey: a letter to my (former) self

Dear Shelley-from-the-past, Put down that Crème Egg and listen to me: this is important. I’m writing to you from 2015, via an ingenious time-travel mechanism, the specifics of which I can’t be bothered to concoct. I won’t tell you anything about 2015 because if I did it would irrevocably alter the history / future of human (read more)

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Quick and dirty

A quick and dirty post this, but one I’m very proud of. It’s pretty terrifying to talk about a work-in-progress, and when my publishers asked me to pitch my next novel* they very cannily did it at a cocktail party (and bought the drinks).  There were lots of other Weidenfeld & Nicolson authors there pitching their own (read more)

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