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something for the ladies

Imagine my surprise when I opened my copy of The Bookseller on Friday and discovered a new category of fiction: Intelligent Women’s Reads. I’ll just run that by you again: Intelligent Women’s Reads. Now, I’m going to be optimistic here and operate under the assumption that the adjective is being applied to the books, rather (read more)

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cover story

When I told people that Jubilee was going to be published, the first thing they asked was: ‘Do you have a cover design?’ or – in a variation on the theme – ‘Do you get to design the cover?’ I’ll deal with the latter question first. No, I do not design my own covers. If (read more)

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My best friend Loz has a superpower. No – really. She’s been able to pass it off as Emotional Intelligence to protect her secret identity, but she actually reads minds; it’s quite astonishing. When teaching finally gets the better of her, she and I will throw aside our conventional lives and tour the villages of Britain (read more)

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