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Hitting me in a soft spot

I first heard Kate Bush when I was eleven. I saw her on Top of the Pops doing Wuthering Heights and two days later I was at Clifton Records in Bourne End, spending my birthday money on her album, The Kick Inside*. God, I loved that record – everything about it, even down to the (read more)

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whistle while you work

I wrote to a musical accompaniment this week. It rarely happens, because I seem to be very aurally distractible (as well as distractible in any number of other ways), so generally speaking my writing room remains a quiet place. Occasionally I’ll break that rule; if one of my characters is listening to a piece of music (read more)

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Silly Love songs

This is a post about brilliant love songs – and also about the preponderance of bad ones. It occurred to me, as I was reading the excellent Someday Find Me by Nicci Cloke, that love is something we don’t often represent well. Maybe it’s the nature of love itself – its choppy mix of the mundane and (read more)

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