Vigilante We all want to be extraordinary, and we all have a moment in our lives when we realise that we're not. Vigilante is about a woman who refuses to accept it gracefully... Find out more Jubilee It is 1977, the Queen’s Silver Jubilee, and a photographer captures a moment forever: a street party with bunting and Union Jacks fluttering in the breeze. Right in the centre of the frame, a small Asian boy stares intently into the camera... Find out more
  • So compelling that I couldn’t put it down. This is an exceptional, arresting novel

    Clare Morrall - -
  • This deft and moving debut offers more than Seventies nostalgia

    i-newspaper - -
  • Remarkably assured...shrewdly-observed...the pitch-perfect children's banter and accurate period detail lend authenticity to her exciting debut that suggests this author will offer many more insightful and compelling stories in the years ahead

    The Independent - -
  • Remarkably assured...shrewdly observed...pitch-perfect

    The Independent - -
  • A new novelist whose next book you are already impatient to read

    The Guardian - -
  • Boldly plotted and confidently executed, its momentum maintained to the end

    Daily Mail - -
  • The genius of this novel is the gentle way that the mysteries of the narrative unfold, fully immersing you in the story... it has a heart and soul

    We Love This Book - -
  • The suspense simply builds and builds

    Essentials - -
  • Jubilee is an assured debut by a writer of great promise. It's a sharply-written account of the birth pangs of multicultural Britain

    Marcel Theroux - -
  • What a treat this book was. A clever idea, beautifully realised...this is powerful stuff

    Susan Elliot Wright - -
  • This is a novel that, without worthiness, touches on everything from the sexualisation of schoolgirls to the misogyny of comics. Harris’s debut, Jubilee, was a bestseller, and her entertaining follow-up deserves to match its success.

    Daily Mail - -
  • Entertainment wrapped round a tense thriller

    The Times - -
  • Vigilante is one of the great feminist novels of our age. It’s time to fight back. Ladies, don your masks.

    Angela Clarke - -
  • Kick-Ass for small-town mothers...fuses the wryly familiar with flashes of poetry, and the plot’s thriller elements convey a real sense of jeopardy...worked through with charm and verve.

    The Irish Examiner - -
  • Smart, funny - and shocking. Quietly, carefully, Harris chips away the veneer of normality. Just like the mighty Jenny, you find yourself tumbling from light into a much darker place, until you're out there, fighting on the side of right with this unlikely - and wonderful - superhero.

    Karen Campbell - -
  • I can't even put into words how moving and pertinent some of the stuff in this book is...I love Jenny Pepper, and so will you.

    Hayley Webster - -
  • A cracking read. It’s a brilliant book. Highly recommended.

    The Writes of Woman - -
  • Shelley Harris' writing is witty and beautifully poignant. Vigilante is shocking, empowering and hilariously funny throughout.

    We Love This Book - -
  • Nostalgic and moving

    Woman and Home - -
  • A quirky, entertaining read - I loved it.

    Woman and Home - -
  • Jenny's bravery is nothing if not inspiring.

    Heat - -
  • A great idea, beautifully handled. Jenny is a wonderful character and the tale builds to a surprise ending. Hugely enjoyable.

    Lovereading - -
  • I haven’t enjoyed a book this much in ages...Jenny is brave and admirable, the kick-ass superhero we all want to be on the inside.

    Bookbag - -
  • This story is for any woman who's ever wondered if there's more to life than ironing.

    Prima - -
  • The strength of Vigilante lies precisely in the juxtaposition of the mundane and the extraordinary, the struggle to accept who we are and the raging desire to be someone or something else.

    Isabel Costello - -
  • An engaging, funny, and ultimately moving novel

    Annecdotal blog - -

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